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Precioustone enriches spaces with the timeless allure of amethyst, quartz, jasper, and agate.

Transforming original materials into a myriad of forms, each radiating splendor and magnificence. These stones, especially the translucent variants, when illuminated from behind, cast captivating color effects, infusing rooms with unparalleled elegance and individuality, enhancing their uniqueness.

Versatile Opulence

Beneath its lustrous surface, Precioustone holds great strength and makes astatement in countertops, wall cladding, bars, murals and vanities. It is suitable for internal applications only.

Natural Masterpiece

Precioustone is made up of mineral crystal induding amethyst, quartz, petrified wood, agate, feldspar, fossils and otherstones to form a breathtaking example of nature’s art.


Like a well-cut and gleaming gem, a polished finish is the best way to bring out Precioustone’s splendor.


Access the world’s most beautiful Precioustone slabs, hand-crafted in Italy by Antolini, the number one Precioustone manufacturer in the world.

Luxury Investment

Precioustone adds significant value and beauty to properties, and elevates a home’s ambiance with exotic designs you cannot find anywhere else.

Low Maintenance

Regular cleaning with warm water and mild soap are all you need to keep Precioustone looking lustrous.