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Our Stone Warehouse &

Design Showroom

UMI Jacksonville is the largest stone importer and distributor in Jacksonville, Florida, offering the finest and most exotic stone surfaces in the industry. Our new design center will feature the best and widest selection of countertop materials, such as granite, marble, quartz and porcelain while providing you with an unmatched customer service experience. Click below to browse our inventory or contact us today to learn more.

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Our Showroom

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Pompeii Quartz

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Marble countertops in jacksonville florida


Natural Stone Countertops

Jacksonville, FL

If you’re searching for beautiful stone surfaces that are trendy, durable and affordable then you have found the right place. UMI Stone offers an array of natural stone surfaces including granite, quartzite and marble countertops in Jacksonville. Our line of products provides high quality material featuring extensive benefits that can be placed in any design project, whether you prefer a traditional or modern design style . Visit UMI Jacksonville to view our stunning natural stones in person!

white carerra master bath vanity
Countertop: Cristallo Argento Quartzite, sourced by UMI

Pompeii Quartz

Jacksonville, FL

UMI Stone boasts the best quartz countertops in the Florida market. Pompeii Quartz countertops offer numerous benefits from being very durable, stain and scratch resistant, heat resistant and more. If you are in Jacksonville, you’ll have to visit our UMI stone warehouse and design showroom to see our newest Pompeii Quartz collection in person. The designs, textures and patterns featured in these slabs is unparalleled to any other quartz material on the market.

Quartz countertops have become one of the top countertops to choose from for residential and commercial design projects. Quartz countertops are highly desirable for their affordability and unique range in design and styles. Stop by our design showroom or contact us today to learn more!

Infinity Porcelain

Jacksonville, FL

Porcelain has recently become one of the most popular countertop surfacing products and it’s easy to understand why. Porcelain countertops offer the best of the best when it comes to design and benefits. These surfaces are extremely durable as they are heat, stain and scratch resistant, UV stable and hygienic. All of these benefits make porcelain countertops a low maintenance and stress-free surfacing option. The hygienic aspect transcends these remarkable countertops to the next level, making them resistant to harboring any unwanted bacteria.

Infinity porcelain is the perfect slab for any design application. With its large-format slabs and unique range of thicknesses, including 6mm, 1.2cm, and 2cm, Infinity can be applied to wall claddings, furnishings, fireplace surrounds, countertops, outdoor kitchens, and more to make your dream design come to life! Add Infinity porcelain to both your indoor and outdoor design projects to maintain a cohesive look. Because it is resistant to UV rays and can be placed in direct sunlight, porcelain slabs are the perfect contender for your outdoor entertainment area.


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