How to Accentuate Natural Stone in Your Fall Design

As summer will soon being coming to a close, we now find ourselves preparing to welcome in the new Fall season – which also means welcoming in fresh, new Fall home design trends!

One particularly fun design element to incorporate into your project during this new season is natural stone. Natural stone’s versatility and ability to blend with numerous finishes allows you to get creative with this new season. As some experts say, the key is to play off the rich colors that can be found in natural stone or even use it as the neutral foundation that you build a design around.

Natural stone has been one of the top countertop surfacing choices for many years and this design trend does not seem to be going out of style anytime soon. The use of natural stone can go way beyond just the kitchen or bathroom, you can incorporate this material into things such as flooring or even fireplace mantels. Some design tips when selecting fabrics and leathers to go in a space with natural stone is to draw from the colors that are in the stone that you choose. Also using iron, brass and other metals in furniture and fixtures compliments natural stone beautifully during the fall and winter seasons.

Interior design by Jennifer from the Grace House.
Interior design by Jennifer from the Grace House.

Whether you choose a stone that has a lot of movement and color, or a more neutral palette, natural stone is a terrific base to help you blend different elements into a room and create designs unique to your personality and style. As each slab tends to have it’s own individual look, natural stone will allow you to put your own personal stamp on your design.

Nature often has a way of making us feel more connected and grounded to the world around us, which is one of the many reasons natural stone is used in living rooms and kitchens. In addition to your natural stone, look to incorporate reclaimed and natural elements such as beams, bricks and greenery throughout your home during this the fall and winter months.

Interior design by Jennifer from the Grace House.
Interior design by Jennifer from the Grace House.

The idea behind the choices in your decor is to highlight the beauty of your natural stone. As fall and winter quickly approach it is important to remember that you do not have to completely redesign your entire home to take advantage of the new season and appreciate the design features in your natural stone. You can start small by incorporating natural fiber baskets, handmade textiles and beautiful wood or stone pieces. This will help you bring in the coziness of the outdoors into your space and allow you to relax in your home during the cooler months!

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