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Exotic Stone Slabs Sourced For Florida And Georgia

Exotic stone countertops have become increasingly popular within designed spaces of today. Many homeowners are seeking intricate details and unique finishes to incorporate into their homes to differentiate their style from the house next door. Interior design has become a form of art, showcasing the exceptional talent and authenticity of each personality. After all, you’re living in the space, why not make it wholly yours!

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At UMI, we experience first-hand how interior design has transcended into a unique form of expression. Homeowners, architects, and designers love to visit our high-end showrooms and distribution centers in Florida and Georgia to find one-of-a-kind countertop and surfacing materials to elevate the design of each individual space.

We have found that natural stone is one of the best countertop options on the market. Not only is it extremely durable and has proved to last a lifetime, but these countertops boast mother nature’s stunning beauty with exotic designs, patterns, and details. From one natural stone slab to the next, no two are exactly alike. Created and extracted directly from the earth, granite slabs, quartzite, marble tops, and other materials can truly be the centerpiece of your spaces.

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UMI’s Project Manager, Gautier Viana, visits exotic corners of the world including Brazil and Vietnam to find the best exotic natural stone countertops to source for YOU in Florida and Georgia. With over a hundred different options, UMI has curated the finest stone selection in the Southest to help you tell your story.

Bring your vision to life with the help of UMI. Incorporate your favorite granite slab in your kitchen or extend the application beyond the countertops by adding it to a fireplace surround, shower wall, side table, and more!

Now is your chance to create the home of your dreams.
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*UMI is a natural stone (granite, marble, and quartzite) importer and distributor located in Naples, Jacksonville, Boynton Beach, and Tampa, Florida, as well as in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer natural stone slabs and are a wholesaler to the community and surround sub-cities.

Forum Quartz is sold exclusively outside of Florida

Pompeii Quartz is only sold in Florida