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pt-PT UMI – The Source offers a number of CEU opportunities each year to trade professionals including builders, kitchen and bath designers, interior designers and architects. pt-PT Continued education is a key component of our business. pt-PT At UMI, we not only strongly believe in educating our clients through the stone buying process, but also educating ourselves and our partners. pt-PT Keeping up to date with industry standards, trends, best practices and new ideas is imperative to ensure we are providing best-in-class service and raising the bar for our trade.

pt-PT We are currently offering the following CEU courses:

pt-PT Porcelain Stoneware Slabs

pt-PT Dive deeper into your porcelain stoneware knowledge, which has evolved from traditional ceramics, with unrivaled comparative performance in terms of appearance and function.

pt-PT AIA Course Number: 2020-INF-1, 1.0 LU

pt-PT Ventilated Facades

pt-PT How porcelain slabs can maximize the benefits and the aesthetic appearance of the system

pt-PT AIA Course Number: 2020-INF-11, 1.0 LU/HSW

pt-PT Designing To Close The Loop With Recycled Glass Surfacing

pt-PT Designing and specifying sustainability and durability with recycled glass surfaces.

pt-PT IDCEC: ID# CEU-107223 1.5 CEU Hrs.

pt-PT GBCI: ID# 920016103 1 CE Hr.

pt-PT NKBA: ID# 1185555 .2 CEC Units


pt-PT Natural Stone Institute

pt-PT We offer more than a dozen CEU courses from the Natural Stone Institute!

pt-PT Natural Stone 101

pt-PT Everything you NEED to know about designing with the oldest building material

pt-PT This one-hour class is designed for construction industry professionals desiring to gain a full understanding of natural stone as a building material. pt-PT Learn more about the various natural stones (limestone, travertine, onyx, marble, serpentine, sandstone, slate, quartzite, and granite). pt-PT Obtain information about common quarrying techniques, fabrication, and finishing methods. pt-PT With this understanding, you[Portuguese, Portugal] ’ll enhance your ability to select the right stone, fabrication technique, and finish for your project.

pt-PT AIA Course Number: MIA10, 1.0 LU/HSW

pt-PT IDCEC Course Number: 105466, Subject Code: 5.3, 0.1 HSW CEU

pt-PT LACES Course Number: MIA10 HSW

pt-PT NKBA: 0.1 CEU

pt-PT Specifying

pt-PT The art of specifying natural stone

pt-PT This one-hour session is designed to give architects and designers an overview of how to specify natural stone. pt-PT There are many factors to consider ensuring you are choosing the proper material for your project. pt-PT What do you need to know about its species, color variations, and finish possibilities? pt-PT Is the quarry able to produce the sizes and quantities you need? pt-PT And finally, what factors affect the price of the stone you specify? pt-PT Get the resources you need to help ensure the stone you choose meets the standards and design intent set for your application.

pt-PT AIA Course Number: MIA13, 1 LU/HSW

pt-PT IDCEC Course Number: 104505, Subject Code: 6.1, 0.1 HSW CEU

pt-PT LACES Course Number: MIA13, 1.0 HSW

pt-PT NKBA: 0.1 CEU

pt-PT Stone II

pt-PT Introduction to Natural Stone Design II

pt-PT This one-hour class is designed for architects, landscape architects, and interior designers desiring to gain a full understanding of natural stone as a building material. pt-PT Attendees will better understand stone testing requirements needed for some residential, commercial, interior and exterior applications. pt-PT They will also learn about many common applications of natural stone including walking surfaces, vertical surfaces, furniture and countertops.

pt-PT AIA Course Number: MIA02, 1 LU/HSW

pt-PT IDCEC Course Number: 105873, Subject Code: 5.3, 0.1 HSW CEU

pt-PT LACES Course Number: ASLA1, 1.0 HSW

pt-PT Certified Stone (for A/D)

pt-PT Why specify certified stone | How the natural dimension stone sustainability standard can assist green building projects

pt-PT This course highlights how the dimension stone sustainability standard (ANSI/NSC 373) can assist projects with sustainability goals. pt-PT The standard examines and verifies through a third party, numerous areas of stone production such as: water usage, custody and transportation, site and plant management, land reclamation, corporate governance, energy, waste, chemicals, worker health and safety and innovation credits. pt-PT It also includes a companion Chain of Custody (COC) program, which ensures traceability of certified stone from the quarry to processing and throughout the supply chain and to their journeys end.

pt-PT AIA Course Number: MIA14, 1 LU/HSW

pt-PT IDCEC: 105465, Subject Code: 5.20, 0.1 HSW CEU

pt-PT LACES Course Number: MIA14, 1.0 HSW

pt-PT GBCI: 0920008691, 1CE Hour

pt-PT Stone Care

pt-PT What you should know

pt-PT This one-hour course will give design professionals a general understanding of natural stone and the best practices for care and maintenance. pt-PT Find out what to expect from a stone sealer in both interior and exterior applications and discover the truth about when to seal and when not to seal. pt-PT Discuss the chemical make-up of different types of cleaners and how they can affect the longevity of your stone installation.

pt-PT AIA Course Number: MIA08, 1 LU/HSW

pt-PT IDCEC Course Number: 106466, Subject Code: 5.3, 0.1 HSW CEU

pt-PT LACES Course Number: MIA08, 1.0 HSW

pt-PT NKBA: 0.1 CEU

pt-PT Green Design

pt-PT Natural stone and green design

pt-PT This one-hour presentation is intended to explain how natural stone fits into the Green movement. pt-PT The stone industry continues to reduce environmental impacts through technology advancements and responsible manufacturing and shipping processes. pt-PT We will discuss historical uses of natural stone that have stood the test of time. pt-PT You will see examples of how key characteristics of stone such as its life cycle and carbon footprint satisfy elements of green building standards.

pt-PT AIA Course Number: MIA09, 1 LU/HSW

pt-PT IDCEC Course Number: 104638, Subject Code: 5.20, 0.1 HSW CEU

pt-PT LACES Course Number: MIA09, 1.0 HSW

pt-PT GBCI Course Number: 0090010893, 1 CE Hour

pt-PT NKBA: 0.1 CEU


pt-PT Marble use in the kitchen

pt-PT Specific to natural stone, many may think that you can only use granite on a kitchen countertop. pt-PT This class will focus on the use of marble in the kitchen which is on the rise in the U.S. (note: marble has been used in kitchens for hundreds of years, especially in Europe). pt-PT Attendees will learn that the use of marble in a kitchen will require different protective treatments. pt-PT They will also learn more about the increasing trend of marble use in the kitchen; obtain unique design elements of using marble for a countertop surface; and, expand their ability to set the proper consumer expectation.

pt-PT This one-hour class is designed for residential, hospitality, and facilities management design professionals.

pt-PT AIA Course Number: MIA03, 1 LU/HSW

pt-PT IDCEC Course Number: CEU-105875, Subject Code: 4.·, 0.1 HSW CEU

pt-PT NKBA: 0.1 CEU

pt-PT Fabricators

pt-PT Partnering with natural stone countertop fabricators and distributors for increased sales

pt-PT Natural stone is one of the hottest building products in the world today with increased sales for many in the design and dealer communities. pt-PT You rely on the credibility of natural stone fabricators/installers to help you exceed customer expectations. pt-PT This session will guide you through the process needed to identify a quality natural stone company. pt-PT This relationship is critical to develop an ally in the stone selection, fabrication, and installation processes.

pt-PT NKBA: 0.1 CEU

pt-PT Why Choose Natural Stone?

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