The Versatility of Stone

Stone is often referenced within the design industry. Companies particularly emphasize that they serve some of the finest stone surfaces on the market and boasts their product’s unique composition due to its extreme versatility.

In reality, all stones are versatile to an extent. It is only the degree of your imagination that is the limit.

A Form of Art

Let us take you back in time and remind you of the infamous stone sculptures that you probably studied in your history class as a student. You may have glanced over the pictures with disinterest; however, we highly recommend that you take a second glance!

To understand that these statues were created using simple hand tools and natural stone is absolutely astounding! If you look closely, these artists meticulously sculpted a design in stone, such as marble, to portray a story. Every detail was thought out thoroughly in order to portray a realistic image.

The most incredible thing to us is the way these stones were portrayed when used in sculptures. We often think of stone as a hard material used for countertops or other home applications, but when used in a stone sculpture, it appears so delicate, so soft, and so elegant. It is truly remarkable to witness the beauty that stone can portray and the various ways it can be used.

Home Applications

When you think of stone, what is the first thing you think of? For us, we immediately think of countertops, but then our mind often wanders to the other possibilities that stone can encompass.


Various stones are great for the outdoors. Surfaces such as granite can be used in the outdoors and can withstand the harsh interactions with its strong composition and durability. It is able to withstand heat and extreme temperatures, but like any other stone, it will fade over time. Luckily, it takes several years to notice a difference in discoloration and many homeowners are happy to find their granite adjusting well to their outdoor kitchen or entertainment area.

Another fantastic option to incorporate into your outdoor space is porcelain! Porcelain is fantastic for any application as it is durable, scratch and stain-resistant, and can withstand the harsh UV rays. Thus, it will never fade when placed in direct sunlight.

The cool thing about adding stone to the outdoors is its ability to extend beyond the countertops! Add it to your outdoor fireplace or use it as floor tiling to provide a matchless look – the ideas are endless!

Furniture Applications

Add accents throughout your space with unique furniture applications! Incorporating your favorite stone in side tables, coffee tables, or more can truly transform your space and create a room that is uniquely YOU!

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Shower Installations

How you ever visited a vacation home or hotel that you thought was absolutely breathtaking? We can almost guarantee that part of its beauty was the jaw-dropping moment when you realized the bathroom appeared as a luxurious spa. (Are we right?)

You can easily transform your bathroom into a dreamy and luscious space by including one-of-a-kind pieces that represent your specific taste! Almost all stones are great to incorporate into a shower as wall cladding; just get creative and pick your favorite design to show off your imagination!


Think Outside the Box

Natural Stone is stunning and offers various colors, designs, textures and patterns that are unparalleled to any other surface on the market. Our granite, marble and quartzite stones are some of the most sought-after pieces that stand in our showrooms today. Their versatility is extensive and they can easily be transformed into various pieces of art and applications.

UMI is happy to discuss with you the design opportunities and abilities within your next project. Contact us today to learn more or shop online to view our full inventory!

Forum Quartz is sold exclusively outside of Florida

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