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Small Project Ideas To Get Use of Your Excess Stone

Did you renovate your home with beautiful countertops and find that you have material left over from your remodeling project? Wondering what you are going to do with these leftover pieces? We have got you covered! Our team has drummed up a few ideas on how you can use up the last bit of your stone remnants while creating a cohesive look within your house!

Bathroom vanity

Why not expand the beauty of your kitchen (or wherever your project resided) to the bathroom! Bathroom vanities are the perfect, smaller area to use up excess stone such as granite remnants. Because granite is durable and resistant to heat, it is the perfect material for a powder bath that will be commonly exposed to high heat and moisture. Plus, bathroom vanities are a high-traffic area, so it’s very beneficial to have a sturdy countertop in this room!

quartz countertop bathroom vanity

Accent tables

Worried about the “little-to-no” material that remains, but still hoping to make great use out of what’s left? Transform your leftover quartz slab into a side table for your living room or bedside to create a strikingly beautiful accent piece! Quartz will be a great addition to a table and other furniture needing a refresh, as you will not have to worry about spills and staining on these surfaces. Plus, the material’s unique design will add flare and unique style to the space!

quartz accent table

Photo courtesy of Dering Hall

Trays & trivets

Trays and trivets are a magnificent way to completely use up limited material while still getting a good use out of your stone countertop remnants! Find fun and playful handles to create an elegant food tray, or ask your fabricator to cut the remaining slab into several circles or angular trivets to be used as hot plates, coasters, or other products to further protect your countertops!

quartz trays
quartz accessories and trays
quartz coasters

Laundry room

It’s time you stop hiding your laundry room from guests and by-passers. Revamp your space with a new countertop to get full functionality for cleaning your clothes! Don’t worry about the strong, acidic cleaning products; quartz is highly stain resistant and can handle all of the scrubbing, brushing and washing that a laundry room endures.

quartz countertop bathroom vanity

Half Slab Program

Did you know that Pompeii Quartz offers a half slab program for you to complete a project or add miniature adjustments to your home? Say bye-bye to ordering excess stone for a very minimal need and check out our Half Slab Program for your next renovation!

Wondering what to do with your leftover granite? We hope these leftover granite ideas will help you curate an extraordinary look in your home and get use out of all the stone that you purchased. Looking for more inspiration for your home remodel? Check out the latest trends and more by visiting our blog!

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