Boynton Beach Kitchen Remodel Experts Explain Quartz vs Quartzite

The Ultimate Breakdown Of Quartzite VS Quartz With The Boynton Beach Kitchen Remodel Pros

The Boynton Beach Kitchen Remodel Experts at UMI Stone constantly receive questions from people across the state about the differences between quartz and quartzite. This is a topic that many people wonder about but nobody really gives a definitive answer. Quartz and Quartzite sound quite similar but you will be surprised to learn how different they truly are. The main difference between these two luxurious stones is that one is man made and the other is natural stone. Quartzite starts off as sandstone and under the natural process of pressure nad heat it is fused with dazzling quartz crystals that form quartzite. This stone normally comes in light grey or white shades but the minerals found in the stone may lend gold, pink, or reddish brown hues.

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Quartz is also referred to as engineered stone because it is man made countertop material. The same exact crystals that are found in quartzite are used to create quartz slabs. But during this man made process, resins and crystals are binded with pigments and other materials like glass. Eventually you are left with extremely durable and nonporous material that makes great kitchen and bath countertops. You are also presented with a large variety of designs and colors. Apart from the thrilling composition of both materials, the style differences are very striking as well. When it comes to quartzite, this stone is mistaken for other natural stones like marble and granite. This happens because of the visible veining in marble & the similar patterning and coloration in granites. If you are looking for a natural look with a lot of movement than you might want to consider looking into quartzite.

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Quartz Stone

Engineered stone unlike quartzite can be custom made to resemble the look of any stone. Quartz is also offered in many patterns and shades. This comes in handy anytime a customer has a particular color in mind. Quartz is also a great option for homeowners who are looking for a consistent pattern. Even though quartz stone is a fairly new countertop material, it has gained a loyal fan base because of the many great qualities it possesses. Some of these include but are not limited to its attractive appearance, durability, affordability, and heat resistance. You simply cannot lose when you choose quartz as the countertop material for your home. If you are looking for Boynton Beach Kitchen Remodel experts to help you with your renovation then contact UMI Stone today.

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Which One Is Better?

When it comes to quartz vs quartzite, another difference between these two stones is the maintenance routine & the durability. Quartz becomes extremely durable through the binding process because it helps to extract O2. This inevitably makes quartz stone a very hard surface. The nonporous qualities of quartz make it a great choice that can handle scratching, chipping, and microorganisms.

Quartzite is also a hard countertop material but it is less dense than engineered stone. It is also susceptible to staining easier in a busy kitchen or any place of daily use. If you choose quartzite countertops you must keep in mind that you will need to seal them in order to prevent any staining. Quartz on the other hand does not virtually need any maintenance. So the truth is that the better stone is the one that fits better with your lifestyle.

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So if you are looking for a plethora of countertop choices for your Boynton Beach kitchen remodel, then UMI Stone has what you seek. Get the consistency and top-quality you are searching for. Our collection of quartz and quartzite countertops is endless. If you are interested in reading more related content then visit the blog. 239.593.6995

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