New Pompeii Quartz Colors Revealed!

The time has come! Our newest Pompeii Quartz colors are HERE and they might just be the next best thing to enter our showrooms!

These slabs are each unique and intricate in their own way and we are excited to finally present to you the newest craze in the industry!

Introducing to you: Thazos, Perla, Volaza, Vena Oro and Serenata!

What Makes These Stones Unique?

All of these slabs differ than any other material on the market. Quartz is known for its extreme durability and resilience. It is resistant to many things such as heat, scratching, staining, and chipping, making it a perfect surface for not only your kitchen countertops, but home applications, as well! You can incorporate quartz slabs in your shower walls, fireplaces, and more! We love our Pompeii Quartz line for exactly that! A material that is versatile for any home style and design preference!

These new colors each contain a unique element that is unparallel to other designs you’ve seen before. Let’s take a closer look!


At first glance, Thazos may appear as your typical white countertop, but trust us when we tell you, it is definitely more than that! As soon as you see this slab in person, it SPARKLES and SHINES from its dazzling elements and one-of-a-kind composition. If you are interested in a clean and classy look, Thazos should definitely be on the top of your wish list!


Perla keeps it classy with its simplified hues and subtle textured designs. Its cream and grey pattern offers an urban contemporary feel and adds warmth to your home for a sense of comfort and belonging.

Vena Oro

This ornate design will definitely catch anyone’s attention! The Veno Oro is a white base material with vibrant gold veining that shimmers in the sunlight, making itself noticeable to all who bypass the material. It is the perfect countertop to transform an ordinary home into a lavish living space!


Stay calm, cool and collected with the Volaza quartz countertop! This surface features a harmonious blend of white and grey tones that swirl effortlessly into one another with a patterned design, versus the typical bold veins often found in material. Volaza is perfect for a modern-day home! Pair it with bold and matte black accessories, décor, and appliances to add sleek contrasts and a clean look!

Volaza Pompeii Quartz


Serenata is a perfect example of a quartz countertop that resembles the look of marble that we all know and love. It is a classy white surface with sharp grey veins that offers texture and design to your space. This countertop is a fantastic option for a modern farmhouse look!

Love these designs? Stay tuned for updates regarding when these will arrive to your local showroom! You can follow us on Instagram to get the latest news! If you’re looking for more inspiration for your next design project, check out our blog!

Forum Quartz is sold exclusively outside of Florida

Pompeii Quartz is only sold in Florida