Infinity Porcelain Countertops Are Revolutionizing the Surfacing Industry

The day has finally come and we are thrilled to announce that UMI will now be offering a new porcelain countertop line by Infinity!

Infinity specializes in the production of high quality, large-format porcelain slabs for residential, architectural and tailor-made solutions. The wide range of Infinity colors offers a variety of designs that combines cutting edge technology with innovation, supporting the creativity of architects and designers in the Florida area. Infinity slabs are available in a range of thicknesses including 6mm, 1.2cm and 2cm. With the porcelain slabs available in varying thicknesses, it will set your project apart from the rest by allowing your creativity to shine through as you will have more flexibility in design with endless application opportunities!

Infinity’s porcelain countertops will take your design projects to the next level by creating ultra-modern aesthetics and visually pleasing designs. Each slab is curated to transform the home beyond the norm with aspiring new styles and extraordinary features.

Why Infinity?

Porcelain countertops offer fantastic benefits. Infinity’s high-quality porcelain surfaces are:

  • Heat, stain, and scratch resistant
  • UV ray resistant (applicable for both indoor and outdoor applications)

Infinity’s exclusive offerings include:

  • Natura-Vein™ Tech
    • Natura-Vein™ Tech is a revolutionary innovation developed by Infinity experts to obtain veined slabs, recreating the effect found on natural marble. This special technology makes it possible to achieve the perfect consistency between the surface and the body by passing through the full thickness of the slab!
  • Thickness of 6mm, 1.2cm, & 2cm
    • With this unique offering of varying thickness, Infinity slabs can be applied to walls, transformed to create decorative furnishing elements or used as external cladding on glued or ventilated facades.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy-to-clean/ hygienic surface

Looking for the next best countertop surfacing product on the market? Well, you just found it! If you’re located near Naples, Boynton Beach, Tampa or Jacksonville Florida, be sure to visit one of our four local showrooms and stone distribution warehouses to view these stunning Infinity porcelain slabs in person!

So, what are your favorite Infinity designs? Here are some of the hottest designs we instantly fell in love with!

Crystal Ice

Infinity’s Crystal Ice porcelain slab is an incredible contemporary design that features warm tonal hues with tasteful veining throughout the slab. The mixture of neutral colors replicates an extraordinary piece that is perfect for any home style! We are excited to see this piece featured in your Florida homes or commercial design projects.

Calacatta Oro

The Calacatta Oro offers a look that everyone loves! It is the perfect material to showcase the design of an elegant white marble, with flakes of grey and gold throughout the veining to portray a luxurious look and feel. In addition to the stunning look of this pure white countertop, this porcelain surface will provide added benefits, as the coloring in this stone will not fade nor damage over the years – in fact, the look will remain untouched for years to come!

Precious Sodalite

This slab is one of our favorite striking surfaces that UMI offers! The Precious Sodalite porcelain exhibits a remarkable, one-of-a-kind piece of art! The vibrant blue hues mixed with striking white veining details creates an intense scheme that reminds us of Florida’s beautiful beach scenery. THIS is the porcelain slab that will make your guests’ jaw drop!

Forum Quartz is sold exclusively outside of Florida

Pompeii Quartz is only sold in Florida