Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops Improve The Aesthetic And Design Of Your Home

Granite is King. Have you walked into any modern kitchens or bathrooms lately? You may notice that most of these homes will have one thing in common. They more than likely have granite countertops in their kitchen and bathrooms! Whether you walked into an apartment, doctor’s office, or a residential home, if they have a luxury style design going on, chances are they have granite. Granite is usually the countertop choice property owners will go with all across the nation.

Granite makes your place of residence more inviting for all guests and loved ones because it has an inevitably welcoming nature. You can improve the functionality of your kitchen by getting granite countertops because they are popular for their great performance. Installing granite countertops in your bathroom and kitchen brings many benefits to your home. Follow along with UMI Stone to learn the great benefits that come with investing in granite countertops for your home

Granite Counters Are A Family Friendly Option For Your Home

Children love getting involved especially when there is food! Do you find yourself cooking in your kitchen and your little ones tag along wanting to help? Many times we will turn down the help of our children in efforts to keep the kitchen as clean and tidy as possible. It is not a secret that most kids are always spilling away their drinks by accident. With granite kitchen counters, you will not have much to worry about! Granite surfaces are not spill proof but they surely can handle liquid spills. If they are sealed properly you will have just enough time to wipe off your counters before they stain. Another great quality of granite is that it can handle coming in contact with hot pans directly on its surface. You can also find relief in knowing that granite is great for homes with cats or any other pets because they are scratch resistant as well. So if your cat is ever mad at you and wants to scratch your countertops for revenge, you’ll be fine. Just look at them, laugh, and say “They’re granite.”

Granite Stone Has A Conveniently Flat Surface

We recommend getting flat surfaces especially if you are always cooking or baking! Baking and cooking may require you to use your countertops to roll out dough anytime you are baking pastries. It can be annoying having to do this on a surface that is not completely flat. Flat surfaces are needed and required by most cooks. Granite offers this great quality for those who are always in the kitchen cooking. Surfaces that simply are not flat can be annoying and may potentially set back the cook.

Most Granite Repairs Are Easy To Fix Up

A cooks biggest nightmare is having to watch a cast iron pot crash down directly on their counters and not know whether it left a chip or crack. Granite is such a hard and durable stone that even if it did get chipped, it can easily be repaired. All you have to do is call the granite countertop professional that installed your kitchen counters and they will use putty the color of your countertop to reseal and protect the stone from other potential damages. Granite counters are one of the leading kitchen countertop materials in the entire world because of their many great qualities.

Bacteria Resistant To Help With Any Overgrowth

Once your granite countertops are sealed they are now identified as nonporous surfaces. A nonporous kitchen countertop basically won’t soak up liquids or spills. This is great news for any homeowner especially if you are worried about your kitchen potentially being plagued by dirt, grime, or any other bacteria that are mostly found on kitchen countertops. Sealed granite counters will allow you to clean off messes much more easily than if it were a countertop that had not been previously sealed.

Granite Stone Makes An Environmentally Friendly Countertop

If you are all about saving the planet, granite is one of the best countertop materials to choose from! We can briefly take into account the differences between a rock that has been both tumbled & polished versus a rock that is just plain old. The tumbled and polished rock will retain the high sheen that will enhance it’s gorgeous and unique pattern. This very principle also applies to granite surfaces, allowing them to come in marbled, basic, or even speckled patterns. The variety of granite colors, designs, and patterns make it that much more desirable amongst homeowners because they have such a broad selection that they can choose from.

Granite Durability Is Unparalleled

One of Earth’s most durable stones to ever exist! Granite is definitely at the top when it competes with other countertop materials for durability. We could challenge you to look for a countertop material that comes close to granite in terms of durability! Finding a countertop material that is nearly as durable is very hard, trust me! Some of the many great qualities of granite that make it an amazing stone are its resistance to scratches and stains. Although not proof of stains or scratches, granite is a countertop material that can take on more than other alternatives. You can extend the life of your granite countertops and make them last a lifetime by getting a professional to seal them for you! With the proper care and maintenance, your granite counters can last forever!

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