Determine Your Design Style

Interested in beginning a renovation or remodel project but don’t know where to start? Browsing through Pinterest and becoming overwhelmed by the vast opportunities that interior design offers? From all white kitchen styles to rustic or contemporary designs, how do you choose which style suits YOU?

We’ve categorized a few popular designs and styling techniques to help you understand the best way to go about your next design project! Take a look below!

All White Kitchen

Pompeii Quartz White Mist

Love the look of an all-white kitchen? Us too! A clean white space makes a room appear vibrant, lively, and spacious as it allows natural light to come in and shine!

An all-white kitchen design is perfect for those who are interested in a timeless look that will be a hot commodity for years to come. All-white kitchens are also great for those who want to create a versatile space. Adding décor and wall paintings is where you get to show your creativity by adding pops of color or neutral tones for a chic look. If you ever get tired of the color scheme, you can simply change out your décor for something new and voila! You have just changed the entire aesthetic of your kitchen!

Here’s a few of our top all-white kitchen countertops:

White Kitchen with Contrast

Photo by Marquez Custom Cabinets featuring UMI Stone

Maybe you love the look of an all-white kitchen but are looking for a bit more contrast. You may also be into the minimalistic look, so adding vibrant décor may not suit your personal style.

Instead of depending on the décor to bring life to your space, add a unique countertop for texture, design, and spunk! This is a great way to show off your highly beloved kitchen countertops and boast its luxurious look and feel.

Here’s unique countertops that our customers LOVE at the moment!

Traditional Style

Interior design by Jennifer from the Grace House.

Traditional home styles incorporate designs that have evolved from 19th-century European décor. It is typically characterized by warm, tonal hues, with textured arch ways, crown molding, and comfort features that portray a calm and soothing space to relax.

A traditional style home is the perfect choice for an individual who adores comfort and a cozy atmosphere.

Here’s popular countertops found in traditional style homes:

Transitional Style

aria stone and silver wave fireplace

Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and modern pieces to create a uniformly, sophisticated look. Every transitional design differs from the next by incorporating various designs, textures, patterns, and furniture to create the ultimate blend.

Transitional homes are a perfect idea for a homeowner who wants to incorporate various styles, patterns, colors, and more! It’s also a great way to express personality and differentiate your home from everyone else’s! Transitional spaces are always one-of-a-kind!

Popular countertop choices for a transitional style home:

Modern Design

We find that modern homes have become increasingly popular throughout the years. Modern homes typically consist of clean sleek lines, with neutral or earthy colors that speak for themselves. Décor is minimal, detailing is limited and furniture features smooth lines that are often in chrome, metal, or glass.

Modern styling is a very hip way to transform your home space. The look is a bit more “cold” than other design styles, but that doesn’t mean it can’t feel like home!

Check out these top modern countertop choices:

Ultra-Modern Design

Ultra-modern homes go a little beyond the average modern design. Ultra-modern styles showcase clean-cut, sleek lines, while bringing outdoor elements indoors. Essentially, it makes indoor living feel like outdoor living!

An ultra-modern home design is a great idea for anyone who loves open-concept kitchens, big open spaces and glass windows. It’s a great way to bring in natural light and show off the beauty of mother nature!

Stay cool with these sleek, ultra-modern countertops:

Eclectic Design Style

Distinguished Kitchens and Baths Kitchen Cabinets UMI Stone Marie Kondo Tips

Express yourself with an eclectic interior design! Bring in vibrant colors and abstract patterns to transform your space!

Eclectic styles are a fantastic way for people to show off their creativity! Adding bold combinations of unique features will WOW your guests. What kind of pairings will you make?

Countertops for an eclectic home:

Urban Design


Urban interior design is a cool way to show off architectural features with modern pragmatism. Urban styles are often found in New York City lofts, fixer-upper styled homes, warehouses, converted buildings, etc.

An urban style home is perfect for someone who already has an open concept home and is looking for ways to bring its design to the next level. Add exposed wooden beams, unfinished surfaces, and other rustic elements to truly bring your urban space to life!

Popular urban style countertops to bring warmth into a space:

Modern Farmhouse


Photo and design by Noell and Daniel Jett  from Jettset Farmhouse

A modern farmhouse look is what we like to call an Insta-fabulous home! Modern farmhouse styles are extremely popular and it’s easy to see why! It is beautifully photographed, featuring light and airy spaces, lots of white or light colors, and wooden accents to bring the “farmhouse” look to life.

Anyone who enjoys the look of clean, chic modern design, but with a southern twist!

Top favorite countertops for a Modern Farmhouse home:

So, what style suits your personal preference?


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