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Designer Spotlight – Maria Charmaine Designs

Maria Charmaine Designs

“The sky is the limit with our creativity.” – Maria

We love seeing our slabs featured in designers work! As we continue our Designer Spotlight’s blog series, today we share with you Maria Charmaine from Maria Charmaine Designs! Maria discusses with us some of her favorite UMI products, why she decided to become a designer and more!

Q:  How long have you been doing design work?


A:  I have been doing design work for 21 years in the Naples area.

Q:  What design style do you mostly associate with-  contemporary, classic, eclectic, or others and why?


A:  We do primarily contemporary, but we definitely have clients that are classic, eclectic and traditional.  We work with the client and discover from visits to their home and discussion what they would like to achieve and the look that best suits their lifestyles.

Q:  I know you have another business that you started recently that involves luxury handcrafted American alligator products.  Can you tell me a little more about that?


A:  The Alligator products that we will be producing are custom pieces that will allow us to work with the client and the space they would like to showcase the beautiful unique pieces using the Alligator skin.  We can create tables, wall panels, stools, chairs, headboards, sofas, door panels with or without inserts.  The sky is the limit with our creativity.  We will provide line drawings of the pieces and price out the pieces based on how many skins it requires for fabrication.  We can do a large aray of colors as well.  Just know that the larger the gator the higher the price!!.

Q:  We always appreciate your business!  Can you talk about one project in particular that included the use of our natural stone(s), Pompeii Quartz, Sapienstone, or Vetrazzo materials?


A:  These are pictures of a couple of kitchens that were remodels where we used a granite called, Ocean Beige in one, and Labradorite White Quartzite (with the waterfall) in the other.  They both turned out beautifully!

Maria Charmaine Designs

Q:  How can customers contact you if they want to learn more?


A:  Maria Charmaine Designs, Inc.  1810 J&C Blvd. Unit #2, Naples, Florida 34109 or call 239.598.2011, email [email protected].