Designer Spotlight: Coleen Norris

“When a client walks into their new space and it takes their breath away, I can’t get any prouder during that moment.” – Coleen Norris

Meet Coleen Norris! Coleen started her own design firm, Nesting Place Interiors, after deciding to pursue her passion as an interior designer. Creating something beautiful has always been easy for Coleen’s and flourishing in her talents has helped homeowners in Florida fall in love with their new, unique design. Learn more about Coleen below.

Q: Tell us a little about your background.


A: I have had a creative side and an eye for design since I was very young.  I have been in the field for over 20 years. Prior to opening my own interior design firm I worked in hospitality and with Scalamandre at the DC Design Center.  These experiences inspired me to pursue opening my own business.

Q: What style do you like to design the most?


A: While I appreciate many different design styles, I personally love designing spaces that are comfortable and approachable with organic elements woven throughout.  Located at the beach, we are inspired by our coastal surroundings.

Q: What project are you most proud of?


A: This question is like asking a parent to choose a favorite child!  I have so many projects that I am very proud of, but when a client walks into their new space and it takes their breath away, I can’t get any prouder during that moment. When I see a client’s reaction to their new space I am so happy for them and feel very blessed I was able to help create the home of their dreams. 

Q: Tell us about the photos below.


A: These bathroom pictures below feature Carrera marble and the kitchen showcases quartzite; we love doing a mitered edge on islands to add impact!


And then this below kitchen features a stunning quartzite that truly adds dimension to this space. We did a 3” mitered edge to make a dramatic statement and I absolutely LOVE it!

Q: What do you enjoy most about UMI Stone?


A: Hands down, UMI has the best warehouse!  The state of the art warehouse with amazing lighting makes for exceptional shopping with clients.  UMI is the only place in town that shows full slabs of Pompeii Quartz, which we love!  And of course, the customer service is always above and beyond!

Q: What is your favorite product UMI carries? And favorite color of that product?


A: I personally love the quartzite and marble selections, the lighter whites.  We appreciate the ability to see full slabs, it makes all the difference!

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


A: A glass of good wine and a walk on the beach gets me every time!

Q: How can people get in touch with you if they would like you to design their home?


A: We welcome inquiries from potential new clients.  They can email us at [email protected] and our Studio Manager will get in touch to discuss their needs and how Nesting Place can help.

Forum Quartz is sold exclusively outside of Florida

Pompeii Quartz is only sold in Florida