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Design Trends: What To Expect in 2021

This year, our homes were turned upside down, evolving from everyday living space to makeshift offices, classrooms, gyms, etc. It has been long, tiring, and a bit overwhelming with all the sudden changes and continuous turmoil that is 2020. Finding a place to “escape” has become more important than ever and the design industry has taken this trend to a whole other level!

How 2020 Changed The Design Industry

Experts say that the use of color and strategic placement of natural stone and other textures and patterns can help create a sense of connection and comfort that many of us are seeking at the moment. The director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams believes that now is the time to change the way we design. We need to redirect our focuses towards building a sustainable sanctuary within our home, and we need to breathe new life into our spaces that might be a bit mundane.

Top Trends of 2021

2020 changed how we look at the future, and it definitely changed the design industry. Looking into 2021, the top trends revolve around peace and an ideal space that can dual as a safe haven for your home.

Sherwin Williams Colormix Forecast revealed the 2021 color palette of the year: Sanctuary. Sanctuary is equipped with earthy, neutral stones that cultivate wellness and tranquility; something that all of us would like a little more of.

The new trend that is taking an uprise features 3 colors:

  • Transcend: a mid-tone oatmeal-colored hue that hones in on earth’s influences and natural grounds.
  • Misty Aqua: a watercolor, cerulean blue that brings glee and serene vibes.
  • Big Cypress: an auburn-colored shade with persimmon undertones.

Together, these colors represent compassion and allow us to feel a personal retreat from our chaotic world. They resemble much of the feeling that comfort foods bring us – a sense of familiarity and normalcy when stepping into the unknown.

How To Design With Natural Colors

With the trend of searching for more peace and comfort within the home, homeowners are also looking for easy and low-maintenance countertops. COVID-19 taught us that bacteria and germs can travel fast, therefore it’s important to have kitchen countertops that can fight against bacteria and help keep your home safe and clean, at all times.

Porcelain countertops are one of the most popular countertop materials on the market right now. With stunning beauty and an unbeatable list of benefits, our Infinity porcelain can not only look gorgeous within any space, but it will not scratch, etch, or stain, no matter the circumstance. You can prepare food right on top of these surfaces and never worry about wine spills or harsh chemicals damaging your tops. Additionally, if food is left behind, Infinity porcelain will not absorb any odor or unwanted bacteria, as it is a non-porous material. These countertops mean serious business and they are surely the next big thing in the design industry!

Sherwin William’s Sanctuary color palette is the perfect color scheme for your home renovation project. Incorporating any Infinity porcelain design would look absolutely flawless with these subtle colors. Natural stone surfaces such as granite and quartzite or marble would also appeal beautifully aside these earth-like shades.

UMI Stone offers porcelain and natural stone countertops in Jacksonville, Tampa, Naples, Boynton Beach and Atlanta. Stop by one of our showrooms to browse our collection in person.



For more information on design trends, home renovation projects, countertops and more, contact UMI today. If you are looking for inspiration, you can read more on our blog.

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