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UMI Stone: Leader Of Marble And Granite Countertops In Boynton Beach, Florida

UMI Stone Is The Top Marble And Granite Distributor In Boynton Beach, FL

As the leading distributor of fine granite and marble surfaces in Boynton Beach, FL, UMI Stone is always expanding on its line of exquisite natural stone surfaces. We bring you the latest collection of natural stone counters with amazing quality, great prices, and desirable appeal. Our marble and granite countertops naturally evoke a fresh air of elegance that will add the timeless ambiance everybody wants in their home. The luxurious and luminous marble and granite stones bring a natural aesthetic that other countertop materials cannot duplicate. When you choose from our top-quality collection of granite and marble, you are gaining many benefits that will improve the functionality of your home. Follow along with us to learn about the advantages of investing in granite and marble countertops for your kitchen and bath.

Marble Countertops Benefits

Homeowners that have their hearts set on getting marble for their kitchens are drawn by the desirable and flawless aesthetic of this stunning stone. One of the most prominent qualities of marble is its ability to last an entire lifetime with the right care and maintenance. The distinction of this stone lures in the masses. The visible natural veining found in marble is what causes many people to fall in love. The plot twist comes in when you learn that aside from the incredible attraction, marble also offers a number of great benefits.

1. Affordable Cost

Although marble may seem like it is more expensive, it is actually more affordable than other countertop materials. The cost will most certainly vary since the thickness and the type of marble you choose to play a role in the overall price of the stone. Nevertheless, you will find that marble is more affordable than most quartz and granite options.

2. Distinct Appearance

There are many engineered stone materials out there that try to copy the look of marble stone. Each slab of marble is uniquely distinct. This is because marble is composed of sedimentary limestone or dolomite rock through a very natural process. There are so many colors and hues found in marble stone which are all determined by their area of origin as well as the proportional mix of different minerals found in the limestone. The distinctive and beautiful veins that run through this gorgeous natural stone come from the impurities that are trapped inside the limestone rock when the planet’s extreme pressure and heat transform it into marble. The veining is what captures the attention of people across the globe. It’s an undeniable beauty that is very difficult to turn away from.

3. Heat Resistant

Marble stone has been favored by many home bakers, professional chefs, and mothers that love to cook. The reason is that it is an ideal countertop for rolling out pastries and dough. However, many people forget that marble is also resistant to high temperatures. It will not burn or catch fire, but we still encourage you to use cutting boards and not place hot pans directly on its surface. This will preserve the finish and keep the countertop looking like new.

4. Long Lasting

This durable countertop is used as a building material because it passes the test of time with flying colors. This is the reason why many construction sites choose marble for commercial and residential properties around the world. You must remember that marble still has to be kept with proper maintenance. You must seal your counters every year to prevent any staining or discoloration. The beauty of this stone will last you a lifetime as long as you care for it in the right way! Our team of marble and granite professionals in Boynton Beach is available to speak with you and guide you through the natural stone selection today.

5. Options

UMI Stone brings you the latest marbles from around the world, offering you the best colors and designs in the entire industry. We have partnered with the leading brands to bring you countertop options that will simply blow you away. Below we will list the newest adds to our marble collection.

Ø Calacatta Statuario

Ø Statuary

Ø Carrara/ Venatino

Granite Countertops Benefits

Granite is another great natural stone for commercial and residential properties. In fact, in the most recent years, granite has been very popular among interior designers in Boynton Beach, FL and all across the nation. There are many countertop options out there but when you choose granite stone you are gaining many unique advantages that you would not get with other materials. Below we will walk you through the advantages of granite countertops.

1. Durable

That’s right! Natural stones are known for their durability. Many builders, contractors, interior designers, and homeowners will say that durability is the super power of natural stone. Granite stone is known to be naturally hard which means that it can last for many many years. The better you care and maintain them, the longer your granite countertops will last you. Granite is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms especially if they are spaces you use frequently. Granite is great at standing tall against the average wear and tear found in kitchen and bathrooms. This is also a top choice for anybody with children because it is hard to damage. Keep in mind that no countertop material is proof of damages so you still need to be conscious about what you do.

2. Unique & Beautiful

No granite slab is like any other. Granite stone is mined from the earth in the form of large blocks and then it is cut down into individual slabs. This means that granite countertops are very special and you will not find two that look exactly the same. When you choose granite you are opening your horizons to an endless assortment of colors, patterns, designs, styles, and brands. You can find granite countertops with swirls, veins, and specks. The appearance of granite will even change throughout your day because of the lighting that plays off of the crystal minerals found in the material.

3. Enhanced Appeal

Granite enhances and improves the appeal and design of the kitchen. It has a naturally rich beauty that nobody can deny. The large range of colors always makes it very easy to find the perfect countertop to match the unique style of your home. No matter the color and style of your flooring, cabinets, and walls, with granite you will find the perfect option! This natural stone supports many different sink style options from the under-mount sinks, vessel, farm sinks, to the drop in sinks as well. Granite will become the center piece of your kitchen and bath.

4. Easy Care

When you take good care of any of your possessions, they will last you much longer. If you see that your countertops need to be cleaned or wiped down then do it immediately. Do not put this off because it will increase the chances of discoloration. When you accidentally spill any liquid on your counters, make sure that you do not leave it on the surface too long because it will eventually absorb. You can prevent staining by sealing your countertops and performing the water test. This means exposing your granite countertops to drops of water and seeing whether they are repelled or absorbed. If your granite absorbs the water then this means you have to seal them.

5. Options

Granite comes in many different colors, styles, patterns, and designs. When you choose UMI Stone you will always be presented with a line of the latest granite stone options from the leading suppliers from around the world. Below we will list the newest colors that we have added to our granite collection. When you choose the best Boynton Beach marble and granite stone distributor, you get one step closer to bringing your dream kitchen to life.

Ø White Ice

Ø Amazonite

Ø Colonial Gold/ Cream/ Dream

UMI Stone is the number one Boynton Beach marble and granite stone distributor. We have many years of experience that have enabled us to perfect our craft. If you are looking for a distributor that offers affordable prices, top-quality products, variety, and great customer support, then UMI Stone is what you seek. Contact us today to learn about the stone surfaces that we have available. 239.593.6995. Please visit our blog for more related content.  Countertops-Refinishing in Naples

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