Antolini Precioustone: A One-Of-A-Kind Countertop

Looking for exclusive stone that contains that special “WOW” factor? Well, look no further! Antolini’s Precioustone is a unique material that is unparalleled to any other stone in the market! Handmade by Italian artisans, each slab is crafted to portray a stunning and intricate mosaic of varying stones.

Precioustone Benefits

Precioustone has an abundance of benefits making it, not only a wonderful countertop, but a great asset to your home for fireplaces, wall cladding, and more. Precioustone is composed of quartz, which is an extremely durable material – even harder than granite! It does not react to low concentrated acids and is highly resistant to scratching and staining.

Where To Install Precioustone?

Precioustone will thrive in any interior installation including, but not limited to, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower walls, furniture, wall cladding, flooring, etc. Precioustone is, however, not recommended to be installed in an outdoor environment, as its composition is not curated to withstand the harsh sunlight, rain, and environmental elements.

Where To Find Precioustone?

Our Naples showroom offers a fabulous display of Antolini Precioustone, showcasing the different applications available and the varying colors and shades within the collection.

Naples showroom design facility
Antolini Precioustone


We have a Precioustone FAQ in our downloadable documents answering all of your inquiries!

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